The story of a photographer

A lover of the visual arts, nature and the feeling of summer! After studying photography at NMMU in South Africa, I decided to pursue a career in the wedding industry- the perfect blend of lifestyle, decor and documentary photography. I grew my photography business in the background, while working full time, doing real estate photography and virtual tours. What a journey it has been! From booking 2 weddings in my first year of business, to booking 20 weddings in my 3rd year, it has been such an honour to meet so many amazing couples and families along the way. I love capturing all the emotions and special moments of a wedding- each one is just so unique, it never gets old.

With a combination of lifestyle and documentary photos, my images can be described as natural, light, modern and balanced, with rich colours and warm tones. I love to document the day as it naturally unfolds, while connecting the story of the wedding day, with a component of editorial refinement.

I am now currently based in Greater Springfield, just outside of Brisbane. Our family made the move here, late 2022. With over 8 years experience in the photography industry, I cannot wait to start off my journey in Australia on a high note. Years of experience, with a completely new landscape of light, families and a beautiful community! My most recent interests focus around family photography and birth photography, documenting, and holding space for the moments, as they unfold.


Welcome to my corner of the web! While my photography journey unfolds in the background, let me share a glimpse of who I am. As a sensitive creative, and introvert, I find solace in my own space. I wear multiple hats, including being a wife and a proud mother of two beautiful children.

My deep intuition guides me in life, and my self-care routine is a curated blend of yoga, sound baths, tinkering on the piano, and twilight runs around the block. Passionate about interiors, home decor, and renovation, I've successfully completed two home renovations before making the move to Australia. Indoor plants, copious amounts of chocolate, and eye-level lighting are a few things that truly resonate with me – no "big lights" in my cosy abode. I love listening to inspirational podcasts while I edit, or on a day off, my absolute, most guilty pleasure, would be watching Love is Blind! Any show that makes my jaw drop to the floor, or leaves me in tears, is a good one in my books.

One of my unexplored aspirations lies in home birth photography. The raw, unscripted, and emotional journey of bringing a new life into the world captivates me. The only hurdle? The on-call commitment. A previous stint of being on call for five days, responding to messages day and night, momentarily deterred me from jumping into this avenue with both feet.

Beyond the lens, I find significance in life's pivotal moments. There have been many pivotal moments in my life that have completely altered my state of being. These instances of awe have not only shaped me, but ignited a passion to visually capture similarly breathtaking moments for others. Join me in celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary, one frame at a time.


Christo & Lara

“Astrid is an incredible photographer and a wonderful person! Our engagement shoot was so special on top of Table Mountain and she made it incredibly fun and comfortable :) My fiancé and I are so happy with our engagement shoot photo's and we cannot wait for you to capture our special day! Thank you Astrid!”

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